How to Locate a Stolen Phone or Lost Device With Location?

You came back home and can’t find your mobile phone in your pockets? Then there are only two possibilities, either your phone is stolen or it is lost. But where to find it? There are many places to check your phones but you know, you really can’t find them, that is why you will need to track your phone. 

Luckily for Android users, there is a way to locate a stolen phone, yes you read it right! You can always track your mobile with the help of the Find My Device app. The probability of finding your phone will increase with the help of this App. Let’s check out what this app offers.

How to Find Lost Phones with Live Location
How to Find Lost Phones with Live Location

What is Find My Device App?

This app was created by Google LLC itself. As it’s Google, you can imagine how genuine it is, especially to find your phone in case it’s lost. What does it offer? By using this app you can erase, ring, lock, and most importantly you can find your android phone.

This application will help you to lock your phone completely until you get your hands back on the mobile. When you download this application you have to permit location and contacts so the application can track your phone in case of loss.

Find My Device has a feature that allows you to erase the data if you fail to track your phone because the thief might have done something to your phone. All you have to do is just click the erase button and then all the data of your android phone gets erased, so the thief can’t miss using any stolen data and you will be fine about your data won’t be misused.

How To Locate a Stolen Phone Using Find My Device App?

1) Firstly you have to sign up with the Find My Device app with your Google account after you have downloaded this application on your device from the above link.

2) In case your phone is lost the Find My Device app will get automatically turned on. To find your phone your device must have active Data, Location and signed in to the Google account, along with that you must have a backup code or backup phone.

3) Now visit and use your google account to sign in. Click on the ‘find my phone option. Sign in with the Google account which should be the main account on the lost phone. The phone which is lost will get a notification.

Locate Your Lost Phones Using Find My Device
Locate Your Lost Phones Using Find My Device

4) Your phone’s active location can be seen if your Data is active but if not, you can see a recent location when your mobile data was active. Pick an option, if you want to enable your phone lock or you want to erase your phone’s data.

5) In case your phone is lost at a nearby place then you can allow your phone to ring at full volume for 5 minutes, even if your phone is on airplane mode or silent mode. This might help to find your phone if your phone is lost at home or a nearby place. 

6) In case your phone does not have any password and is lost you can set a pin, pattern, or password with the help of the app. Still, if you are not sure about your lost phone then just try to erase data, even if you’re not getting your phone back you can rely on the safety of your data. That’s it these are ways to use the Find My Device app while your phone is lost. 

Final Thoughts

It’s better to keep your phone safe and secure so the chances of your phone getting lost will decrease gradually. But even if your luck runs out and you lose your phone then you have the option to rely on Find My Device App. But keep your phone signed in always because the app won’t be able to track your phone unless you keep your data and mail active.

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